Monday, July 30, 2012

Passing by

I moved out. Just thought I would throw it out there. And i got a new job. Life is changing like crazy. I still cant decided if i like it or not. the changing part that is. but afterall the only thing constant in this life is change right?

Its just so odd to have everything you know be replaced with something you dont. Its not bad. Its just different. Just as the days pass by and the days become shorter and shorter, i wonder if im doing the right thing leaving em behind and saying goodbye. I will miss. I will miss them alot...

 But i am going to make the best of what has come into my life. I want to. Im going to live in the here and now. Make it exactly what i want. Exactly what is right. So to do that imma find the best lovelies i can.

Something lovely #26: When the wind blows through you hair.

Something lovely #27: breath taking city lights at night.

Something lovely #28: A friend who is always there.

Something lovely #29: Sisters.

Something lovely #30: Strawberry twizzlers

Something lovely #31: When your favorite song plays on pandora

Something lovely #32: Watercolor

Something lovely #33: Glitter toes

Something lovely #34: Cheering for your countries olympians. Go AMERICA.

Something lovely #34: Getting a great pay check!

Even though life is changing, passing by, at what seems like the speed of sound, there is still A LOT to be grateful for, and THAT my friends makes this life wonderful. THAT is what makes this life simply lovely.

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