Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making up me

I would just like to say that I am so emmensly blessed. But seriously. I am. Its been quite a while since my last post here. But to be quite honest that is just quite alright, I think that means good things for me. Less time on the computer and more time in that good "ole fashion" real world. I like that.  I dont think that I have ever felt this way before. I mean seriously. Living on my own is really great. I like to cook in the mornings and clean and do little errands and such, I then go to work every evening at 3 and stay until almost 10. Its not the most ideal situtation I know, but you know what? It is great! Really it is. I am an independent woman. Cooking and cleaning, and praying and reading, and working and driving alll on my OWN. (not like opra's channel- even though I know I am almost as inspiring) My room mates are absolutely fabulous. I came alone. Just moved out. Got all my stuff all on my own with all my own money. *pat on the back steffany*. I wake up in the mornings around eight- even though i dont have school in the morning- go on a run and come home and it's only around nine. (now you may not be thinking that that is a great feat, but if you know me, IT IS) I am learning a whole lot about myself at this point and I like it. I am glad that I can really say that I like myself, and the things I do. I am proud that I can just put myself out there and buy tickets for hawaii and travel across the country, and teach relief society, and sign up for classes, and move out and just be me. I am so glad that at this point in my life i know who I am, and that I LIKE who i am. I think that is big. It wasn't always that way you know. New thought. My older sister came this last weekend. I really love her, and I really miss her, but i am glad that she can go out there in the real world too and learn all about herself too. It was fun to sleep in that bunkbed again. hawana waka waka waka niki pu pu pu. (i tried out my hawaii on britt, what a great sister)  I am so grateful for my daddy. Lookin back there was a time when I didnt really want to talk with him, about anything really. But i am so glad that i was able to  GET OVER MYSELF and become friends with him. I really do love him alot. alot. alot. And I am just super grateful for such a good mommy who, lets be honest- deserves credit. She after all was the one that taught me how to make all the food i am eating. And well she taught me how to clean the floors, and taught me how to be close to my savior through her example. What a wonderful woman. I miss my little sisters. (even though i visit home almost every day) I just miss hearing about their days and i miss laughing and singin with them in the kitchen and then watching our favorite shows together. I am so glad that i have a great relationship with my family. New thought. It is weird to think that I am moved out and probably wont be back home for a long while, cause well, i have my next like ten years planned out. And we all know IT WILL go according to my plan. Hahaha ya sure steff.*rolling eyes* But even if it doesnt, I WILL make it what i want... I have been thinking about that alot lately. Just living in the moment. And how its all about the way you think about things. I have been thinking that a whole lot -since i can hardly wait until i move to my tropical island- i have realized that in order to make the best of utah. I need to make it what i want right now. There will be a time for that other stuff when it comes... honeslty i am not sure where i am going with this post exactly but, i just had some thoughts. This life is really great. Truly it is. I LOVE IT.

Something lovely # 46: Electric beaters when making cookies.

Something lovely #47: Getting a cute guys number. Scratch that. Having a cute guy ask you for your number :)

Something lovely #48: Puppies. skye, buck.

Something lovelly #49: Faith

Something lovely #50: living in the moment

Something lovely #51: my fuzzy robe.

This life ever changing is exactly what is right for me. I love it, it is Truly something lovely.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

(Insert clever title here)

It's really quite late, or should I say very early? toemaetoe tahmahto. Anywho, I just have a lot of lovelies from today. Just a list. Just a very nice (lovely) list.

Something lovely #37: Not getting in a car accident. (the parked car next to me got hit, not mine)

Something lovely #38: Mumford and sons- Awake my soul

Something lovely #39: When you're favorite flavor at spoon it up is working! can i get a california tart? hmmmm. yumm.

Something lovely #40: When your best friend graduates from a certian clubby club. ;)

Something lovely #41: The moment when you make eye contact with a super cute guy and he genuinely smiles at you.

Something lovely #42: When you pass people you know, and you are not in your car, so they cant recognize you. few.

Something lovely #43: Photobooth pictures

Something lovely #44: When an old friend does something really great and you just sit in the backround thinking, "i knew you could do it, go get em!"

Something lovely #45: When a complete stranger on the other line ends the conversation with "alright love you!" and in the back round you hear "oh oops i..." and then the phone discconnects.... I know i know, i am the BEST data entry rep ever. haha made me laugh pretty hard. core.

All i have to say is "And i love you too random citizen!"

Sleep well world. Ill get there eventually.  In the mean time? You guessed it!

This life truely is a wonder. It is so very lovely, really it is!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Im a Big kid Now

Grape koolaid and chicken nuggest. That is what i ate so often when i was growing up, so i decided to eat that yesterday to make me feel like a little girl again.

It is funny how all you ever want when you are a kiddo is to grow up. You try to wear things that your mom does, or you try to act like your older sisiter. You (or at least me) would sit at the "grown up table" on sunday's at family dinner and would just soak in every word that the aunts and uncles would say- and not play with your cousins out side cause that is what little girls do. I was a lady. I knew it. And of course when you turn the ripe old age of six you NEED to drive, so your parents get you one of those little cars, just for kids. You feel so grown up going three miles an hour down the street. And of course while you are playing house, in the car, you are obviously using the car to go to work- so you set up a lemonade stand to bring in the big bucks and then with ALL your money, you go back home in your "big girl car" and surprise your honeys with a trip to disney land! haha if only that were the real world right? i mean really... But it is so funny how when you are little you just want to have all of those things. What a lovely time in life. It is a blast to go down memory lane and remember all the silly things you did...

The other funny thing is that I think i am doing things in reverse order. You always want what you cant have right? well, recently i have found myself going back to the simplicity of that. It is just so for lack of better words, simple. And wonderful. I have found myself going back to chicken nuggest and chocolate milk or koolaid. I drink out of the little colored cups too. No need for glass. I find myself not wanting to drive, i have just done it soooo much these last couple weeks... At sunday dinners i ditch the grown up table where i have a reserved seat to play with my cousins. Of course the ties are severed with the ones my age, but the little ones think i am fun. And i may or may not have run through the sprinklers once or twice this summer and gone on a slip and slide or two. I have flown kites, played tag, played barbies, swung on swings, rode my bake with NO hands, and even ate popcicles outside on the grass in my bathing suit.

I love it. Embracing the kid again.

But I think there is something to be said for living in both the past and the present. This life is one HUGE balancing act. One of how to say that or this. One of when to do that and when not to. One of silly things and serious ones.

But i think that even though i have a big kid job, and an actual income, and that i have moved out and am playing my own version of house- that it is important to remember the simple things that childhood brought.

Remembering that even though i am a big kid now, that it is okay to have little kid fun, and that balancing the two lives just right, makes this life so very enjoyable.

Something lovely #35: Being a kid again.

Something lovely #36: (you guessed it) Chicken nuggest and grape koolaid.

Kids and swings. cuties.
(yes, it goes with the post.)

Life is good it is simply loverly. Really it is.