Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday that one day

sundays are pretty good don't ya think? i wasn't even feeling all that chipper today and it was still good. that is pretty cool. i had a pounding headache this morning. you know, the ones that wont go away no matter what? ya, i had that one. bummer. i know. but it is okay, cause a lot was still pretty lovely in my life today.

something lovely #10: when your dog comes back home after running away.

something lovely #11: when mom makes your favorite meal to cheer you up. (yummy lasagna! thanks mama bird)

something lovely #12: going to bed and dreaming an amazing dream, waking up, going back to bed, and dreaming the continuation of that SAME dream! yes. yes. yes.

something lovely #13: realizing you are moving to hawaii in less than 6 months.

something lovely #14: hearing stories from your parents childhood.

something lovely #15: hearing stories from your grandmas childhood.

something lovely #16: making the perfect ball of chocolate ice cream to put on your ice cream cone.

something lovely #17: asprin

something lovely #18:  the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.

what a little mutt.
 but he's my mutt. my cute, hairy running away muttly.

p.s. i didnt feel the need to capitalize today. no scratch that. i didnt want to. and i can do that. cause this is my bloggy blog... ohgoodnesss life is good, it is really something lovely.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Sooo a little bit ago, my family went out on this great "Northern California Adventrure".
I made a little video about it. (I think it is simply the epitome of summer if i do say so myself.) Includes: dancing, synchronized swimmin, lakes, baby geese, redwoods, san fran and soo much more! Check it out!

the girls

They make me smile. Just a few times a minute. nbd.

okay, watch mia's faces. too good.

Kim was there in spirit.

oh ya btw, mica hates feet.

Something lovely #7: all fitting on the same bed

Something lovely #8: eating coconut shrimp at outback

Something lovely #9: the smell of a new car freshener

Life is good. It is truly something lovely!

Friday, June 22, 2012

bird bath

Today at the bird house we remembered what is was like to be kiddos again. I loved it. Our slip-n'-slide purchase is probably the best 5 dollars EVER  spent. Who cares if it is only 16 ft long? that one second of sliding is just too fun! We also jumped out all our energy on the soaking wet trampoline, we did some really nice handy work and put the sprinkler on the deck so it would shower us. My wet hair slapped my face alot, but it was fun jumping around with my sisters like we were six again. By the end of our festivites, grass was everywhere, water was everywhere, but most importantly so were smiles. I love my sisters. OH oh, we also did our best attempt this morning to make new dresses. And that is going... well its going! Maybe someday we will have our "practice dress"'s done.
(ill keep you updated... we're so good... they might just show up on the next season of project runway!)
 for now my friends...

Something lovely#4: grape juice.

Something lovely#5: how excited your dog gets when you come home.

Something lovely#6: the sound of kids laughing

Life is good. It really is Something lovely.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Chapter, New Blog, New outlook, New Woman.

Sometimes, as the years go by, you realize one thing. You've changed. For the better. (or at least you sincerely hope) And you think it's about time the blog does too.

 Welcome to the new bloggy blog, Im excited for this new idea, and hope that you all enjoy this blog. Inspired one summer day by a good ol' fashion smile. I don't know if you have seen them or not, but I love them with all my heart: those one liners that just say it all. You know the ones that are on pinterest and stuff? (oh goodness, terrible description. i know. bare with me.) I am doing my very own version of that. Just simple things in life that you might forget, but really mean a whole lot. You see im on a quest here, to better myself, change the girl I know, and make her even better. And I believe that remembering the little things can help. I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I will.

Something lovely #1: When friends and family follow your new bloggy blog. (oh you caugh my hint, so nice of you to join!)

Something lovely #2: Buying a five dollar slip and slide that makes you feel like a kid again.

Something lovely #3: A really really good hair day.

Life is good my friends. Life is good. It really is something quite lovely :)