Monday, July 30, 2012

Passing by

I moved out. Just thought I would throw it out there. And i got a new job. Life is changing like crazy. I still cant decided if i like it or not. the changing part that is. but afterall the only thing constant in this life is change right?

Its just so odd to have everything you know be replaced with something you dont. Its not bad. Its just different. Just as the days pass by and the days become shorter and shorter, i wonder if im doing the right thing leaving em behind and saying goodbye. I will miss. I will miss them alot...

 But i am going to make the best of what has come into my life. I want to. Im going to live in the here and now. Make it exactly what i want. Exactly what is right. So to do that imma find the best lovelies i can.

Something lovely #26: When the wind blows through you hair.

Something lovely #27: breath taking city lights at night.

Something lovely #28: A friend who is always there.

Something lovely #29: Sisters.

Something lovely #30: Strawberry twizzlers

Something lovely #31: When your favorite song plays on pandora

Something lovely #32: Watercolor

Something lovely #33: Glitter toes

Something lovely #34: Cheering for your countries olympians. Go AMERICA.

Something lovely #34: Getting a great pay check!

Even though life is changing, passing by, at what seems like the speed of sound, there is still A LOT to be grateful for, and THAT my friends makes this life wonderful. THAT is what makes this life simply lovely.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Comfort in the Sound

Do you know what I love?

On days like today my most favorite thing to do is to go climb into my car, turn on something soft and quiet, and go for a drive. I love to hear the splash of the water hitting my car as i roll over a puddle. I love to watch the rain drops fall onto my windsheild and be swept off by the blade. It is almost like a romantic dance that i got front seats to, the way they are dancing on and off the windsheild. I love to be out in the rain with out getting wet. And that might be silly but i love it. I love the cozy feeling of my car, feeling completely surrounded by the water that is cleaning the earth. I love to watch the rain build in little droppletts. And waiting until one becomes to big and is over come by gravity and slides down the window pain collecting other dropplets as it goes.  I love to turn up the music so loud that I cant hear myself singing. I love to appreciate the changing scenery around me. I love to park my car and turn down the music, close my eyes and just listen to the pitter patter of the drops hitting my car. What a perfect place to think. I love to park my car where the water hits and think about life. I do that a lot, but i like to do it most when it is raining. Who knows why? maybe its because i can just feel so much at that moment, because the earth is crying and letting emotion go too... or maybe it is just simply because i used to do this as a little girl driving on the road with my parents. Who knows. But I absolutely love to be out in my car, out in the rain, driving around. That is what I love. And I love it alot.

Something lovely #25: driving in the rain.

This life is truly something lovely, right down to the very last drop.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Not a great start to this whole new blog :/.... Of course I started it right when my life got all busy and stuff. Sorry yall! forgive me? yay. So glad we made up.

I went to california with my best friend, her little sister, and my little sister, who just happen to be best friends too. It was just too perfectly convenient. We got a hotel room in mission veijo, and set up our stuff in a itsy bitty teeny weeny hotel room. But that didnt matter we were just needing a place to sleep.  Our hotel was just ten minutes to Laguna (my favorite) beach, and my goodness we just had a blast being beach bumms. I love the beach. Mrs. livingston had some family out in huntington and we went out to see them. I was hesitant at first, well because i didnt know them, but I am really quite glad we did, because for the rest on the time we hung out with them. My goodness. Couldnt have been more fun! They let us borrow their bikes, and pool, and surf boards, and so much. Just such lovely people. And what a lucky girl i was, cause a young lad hung around with us too. My goodness. Such a cutie. "Greek God" as some may say. And just to make it better, mr. sir? ya he lives in utah too. :) Here is for hoping that my huntington adventure brings a new buddy into my life! Anywho, while in california, i did some pretty crazy things i have never done before. Oh you want to know what they are? Okay, okay i'll tell you! 

1. Well we went on a grunion run. EEEEWWWWW. So fun, but EEEEEWWWW.   You go out on the beach at like midnight and wait for the high tide when these glorified sardines come out and get washed up on the sand, and then you catch them with your hands. Just letting ya all know. I HATE FISH. so needless to say this was slightly hard for me at first BUT i loved it after i got the hang of it. 2. I went cliff jumping into the ocean. Um, wow. Probably the scarest thing i have done in my life. I had to swim out past all these sharp rocks while the tide was high, climb up this cliff and hope not to fall backwards into the rock. exteremly scary. But totally worth it! what a rush! 3. accidentally went to the spanish branch for church! No habla espanol, comprehende un poco! 4. OH and last but not least.... purchased turtles in china town. Oh man. what an adventure!

California was a blast and a half, but im glad to be home :)

Something lovely #19: Freedom

Something lovely #20: The smell of rain

Something lovely #21: Crunchy grapes. yuuuummmmmmmyyyyy.

Something lovely #22: Home sweet home

Something lovely #23: A very cute boy

Somthing lovely #24: My camera that helps capture all the simple lovely moments.

Life is good my friends, it really is something very lovely :)