Sunday, July 15, 2012

Comfort in the Sound

Do you know what I love?

On days like today my most favorite thing to do is to go climb into my car, turn on something soft and quiet, and go for a drive. I love to hear the splash of the water hitting my car as i roll over a puddle. I love to watch the rain drops fall onto my windsheild and be swept off by the blade. It is almost like a romantic dance that i got front seats to, the way they are dancing on and off the windsheild. I love to be out in the rain with out getting wet. And that might be silly but i love it. I love the cozy feeling of my car, feeling completely surrounded by the water that is cleaning the earth. I love to watch the rain build in little droppletts. And waiting until one becomes to big and is over come by gravity and slides down the window pain collecting other dropplets as it goes.  I love to turn up the music so loud that I cant hear myself singing. I love to appreciate the changing scenery around me. I love to park my car and turn down the music, close my eyes and just listen to the pitter patter of the drops hitting my car. What a perfect place to think. I love to park my car where the water hits and think about life. I do that a lot, but i like to do it most when it is raining. Who knows why? maybe its because i can just feel so much at that moment, because the earth is crying and letting emotion go too... or maybe it is just simply because i used to do this as a little girl driving on the road with my parents. Who knows. But I absolutely love to be out in my car, out in the rain, driving around. That is what I love. And I love it alot.

Something lovely #25: driving in the rain.

This life is truly something lovely, right down to the very last drop.

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