Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday that one day

sundays are pretty good don't ya think? i wasn't even feeling all that chipper today and it was still good. that is pretty cool. i had a pounding headache this morning. you know, the ones that wont go away no matter what? ya, i had that one. bummer. i know. but it is okay, cause a lot was still pretty lovely in my life today.

something lovely #10: when your dog comes back home after running away.

something lovely #11: when mom makes your favorite meal to cheer you up. (yummy lasagna! thanks mama bird)

something lovely #12: going to bed and dreaming an amazing dream, waking up, going back to bed, and dreaming the continuation of that SAME dream! yes. yes. yes.

something lovely #13: realizing you are moving to hawaii in less than 6 months.

something lovely #14: hearing stories from your parents childhood.

something lovely #15: hearing stories from your grandmas childhood.

something lovely #16: making the perfect ball of chocolate ice cream to put on your ice cream cone.

something lovely #17: asprin

something lovely #18:  the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.

what a little mutt.
 but he's my mutt. my cute, hairy running away muttly.

p.s. i didnt feel the need to capitalize today. no scratch that. i didnt want to. and i can do that. cause this is my bloggy blog... ohgoodnesss life is good, it is really something lovely.

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