Sunday, August 12, 2012

(Insert clever title here)

It's really quite late, or should I say very early? toemaetoe tahmahto. Anywho, I just have a lot of lovelies from today. Just a list. Just a very nice (lovely) list.

Something lovely #37: Not getting in a car accident. (the parked car next to me got hit, not mine)

Something lovely #38: Mumford and sons- Awake my soul

Something lovely #39: When you're favorite flavor at spoon it up is working! can i get a california tart? hmmmm. yumm.

Something lovely #40: When your best friend graduates from a certian clubby club. ;)

Something lovely #41: The moment when you make eye contact with a super cute guy and he genuinely smiles at you.

Something lovely #42: When you pass people you know, and you are not in your car, so they cant recognize you. few.

Something lovely #43: Photobooth pictures

Something lovely #44: When an old friend does something really great and you just sit in the backround thinking, "i knew you could do it, go get em!"

Something lovely #45: When a complete stranger on the other line ends the conversation with "alright love you!" and in the back round you hear "oh oops i..." and then the phone discconnects.... I know i know, i am the BEST data entry rep ever. haha made me laugh pretty hard. core.

All i have to say is "And i love you too random citizen!"

Sleep well world. Ill get there eventually.  In the mean time? You guessed it!

This life truely is a wonder. It is so very lovely, really it is!

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